Sunday, February 13, 2011

RYR-113001 $30

Here's my collection of rings.  I can make them in any colours you like.  The rings are adjustable.
A:  Green and Silver

B: Blue and Silver

C: Bronze

D: Blue Ruffles (not adjustable)

E: Turquoise Ruffles (not adjustable)
F:  Purple and Bronze Ruffles (not adjustable)

The ruffles rings are more suitable for wearing on your index finger or middle finger because the design is quite wide.

Monday, March 8, 2010

RYBR 10-002 $30

For those who love the warm colour of honey!  I used amber chips, freshwater pearls, aluminium beads, Swarovski pearls and bicones and Japanese glass seed beads.  It's actually a doughnut shape (empty in the middle) but the gems fill up the centre.
Photography by Rebecca Yam

RYBR 10-001 $25

I've had a few requests for brooches especially from my friends who wear scarves a lot.  Here's one in white.  I chose Swarovski crystals in different sizes as well as shades of white.  This brooch can be made in any colour available.  I can substitute crystals for pearls, either Swarovski or freshwater pearls.  Of course the look will be different. This brooch is about 2 inches in diameter.

Photography by Rebecca Yam

RYR 10-006-9 $40 (SOLD)

These rings are really comfortable to wear.  They are kept flat so doesn't take up much space.  Swarovski crystals and Japanese glass seed beads were used.  The rings have to be specially ordered and sized.  As usual, they can be made to any colour combination desired.

RYR 10-006 Bronze and Green

RYR 10-007 Peach

RYR 10-008 Bronze

RYR 10-009 White and Turquoise

Photography by Rebecca Yam

RYR 10-005 $30

Similar to RYR 10-004 with lots of Swarovski bicones and an adjustable ring.

Photography by Rebecca Yam

RYR 10-004 $30

Here's a lovely ring using lots of Swarovski bicones with a modern combination of colours!  The ring is adjustable.
Photography by Rebecca Yam

RYR 10-001-3 $20

Here's a lovely flower ring that I designed for those who like simplicity and the thought of wearing something close to the garden theme.  I used Delica beads (also known as cylinder beads which are uniform in size) for the flower petals and ring, while the centre is a lovely 8mm Swarovski round.

I can make these in any colour available (red, yellow, blue, white, black etc) and of course each ring is sized to fit personally.

RYR 10-001 Lime green

RYR 10-002 Lilac

RYR 10-003 Peach

Photos by Rebecca Yam